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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition

Description: The Hunger Games: The Exhibition, created by Lionsgate, designed by Thinkwell, and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, Inc. is a immersive exhibition based on the best-selling Hunger Games books and record-setting film franchise. The Hunger Games: The Exhibition sweeps guests into a dynamic exploration of the world of Panem and the historical, scientific, and cultural contexts of the blockbuster films. Iconic costumes and props are exhibited in detailed set recreations, highlighting the technological wizardry and amazing artistry that brought these scenes to life. High-tech and hands-on interactives let guests dive into exciting behind-the-scenes content, create their own contributions to the world of the films, and discover a whole new side of the stories that took the world by storm.

GALLERIES include District 12, Tribute Train, The Capitol, Hall of Heroes, Making The Arena, District 13, Fan Gallery, and Katniss’s Journey.

HIGHLIGHTS include: Immersive film sets that surround guests with the thrill of bringing Panem to life; Exciting exhibits exploring historical, scientific and cultural contexts for the stories and films; Iconic costumes including the Girl on Fire dress, the Mockingly dress, the Mockingly armor and more; Close-up looks at key artifacts like the Mockingjay pin, Cinna’s sketchbook, and Katniss’s bow; Hands-on interactives offer experiential learning, including an explorable map of Panem and an immersive Beetee’s Lab; Updatable fan gallery captures the vibrant voices of the fan community.

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition is designed to provide content and story lines that appeal to museums' need for solid, standards-based material supported by the strength of The Hunger Games brand. The real-world historical, scientific, and cultural contexts that resonate with the story, its origins, and its themes are explained throughout the exhibition and a full educational complement to the exhibition will be provided.
Category: Science & Technology
Primarily Consists Of: Hands-On Activities
Cost: Call for info.
Size: 10,000 sq ft - 20,000 sq ft
Venue Length: 3 - 12 months
Availability: Summer 2018, Fall 2018
Special Requirements: Call for info.
Previous Venues: Discovery Times Square, NY, NY
Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
ICC Sydney, Australia
Frazier History Museum, Louisville, KY
Organization: Imagine Exhibitions
Contact: Debbie Donohue
Address: 2870 Peachtree Road #418, Atlanta, 30305 USA
Phone: 404-808-7578
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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