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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

Amazing Dinosaurs!

Description: Amazing Dinosaurs! Specifically designed for discovery centers, science centers and children's museums to make the age of dinosaurs come alive for young learners. Kids discover which species lived first and last in the geologic timeline, dig for hatchlings and real adult dinosaur fossils, explore dinosaur habitats, and touch many real fossils. The dinosaur puppet theater gives kids the opportunity to explore their creativity. Compare your foot to a full size T. rex foot. Put on raptor feet to make your own dinosaur-tracks or use a colorful costume to show how you think dinosaurs looked and behaved. Face-to-face experiences with a very realistic giant T. rex and a big raptor protecting her nest will thrill children and parents alike! A variety of dinosaur fossils, casts and other learning tools are available for educators to host their own "Dinosaur Camp". Primary Exhibit Features: 13-free standing displays featuring 22-authentic dinosaur interactives, 2 large dioramas, 1 small diorama and 3 independent wall displays. Kid’s activities include: Dinosaur Teeth Dig Box - 17 authentic teeth from 11 species. Eggs & Hatchlings Dig Box, 2 Dinosaur Footprint interactives. Dinosaur Puppet Theater - Fun puppets and 'rock-like' seating. ‘Be a Dinosaur’ featuring colorful dinosaur costumes. ‘What Colors Were They?’ - Color 3D dinosaurs. Dinosaur Rubbing Plates - T. rex and Triceratops. Dinosaur Habitat - Explore how they lived an acted! Antiquities Company team will assemble the exhibit at your site with participation of 2 host venue staff. Photos and more information are at
Category: Children (for or about)
Primarily Consists Of: Hands-On Activities
Cost: $33,000
Size: 1,600 to 3,000 sq. ft.
Venue Length: 3 Months or longer as agreed
Availability: Call for availability
Special Requirements: 10 foot ceilings Electrical outlets on 3 walls or in floor
Previous Venues:
  • Flint Hills Discovery Center, Manhattan, Kansas
  • Grand Rapids Children's Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Organization: Antiquities Company LLC
Contact: Tom Hendershot
Address: 3530 Sunset Bluff NE, Rockford, 49341 United States
Phone: 616-863-0880
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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