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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

Top Secret: License to Spy

Description: Created by the renowned Scitech in Perth, Australia, and based around a James Bond-style fantasy of exotic locations, high-tech equipment and, of course, a mystery to solve, Top Secret: License to Spy focuses on the science and technology of spying and espionage. On arrival at the exhibition, the visitor is presented with a scenario and six suspects. Armed with a Spy File, the visitor is challenged with gathering intelligence from selected exhibits to uncover information on the suspects, leading them on a journey of discovery into the secret world of spies. Exhibits include: Q’s workshop; Hidden camera; Find the bug; Spy satellite; See in the dark; Hidden image; Sound beam; Downlink; Guess the password; Laser listening; Microdot; Data dump; Safe breaker; The Brainiac tapes; Phone tap; Code room; Code computer; Photo disguise kit; Who’s talking; Laser maze; Debriefing room.
Category: Science & Technology
Primarily Consists Of: Hands-On Activities
Cost: Call for info
Size: 4,300 sq ft - 6,500 sq ft
Venue Length: 3 - 12 months
Availability: Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Fall 2019
Special Requirements: Call for info.
Previous Venues: Scitech, Perth, Australia
Science World, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Don Harrington Discovery Center, Amarillo, TX
Durham Museum, Omaha, NB
National Mississippi River Museum, Dubuque, IA
Organization: Imagine Exhibitions, Inc.
Contact: Debbie Donohue
Address: 2870 Peachtree Road #418, Atlanta, 30305 USA
Phone: 404-808-7578
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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