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Eleventh-Hour Notices

From the Traveling Exhibitions Database

The following are traveling exhibitions available in the next twelve months. The listings are from the Traveling Exhibitions Database (TED), which contains over 400 available exhibitions. Click on an exhibition title below and you will navigate to the selected exhibit's page/listing in the Traveling Exhibitions Database.

If you have a last-minute need or last-minute availability, contact us here. Please send your listing information in the format of the exhibition listings below.

We will post your notice as soon as possible. Notices remain for 3 months.

Exhibition Organization Category Availability Cost Size
1) Mindbender Mansion Oregon Museum of Science & Industry Science & Technology Summer 2018 $75,000 plus shipping 6,000 sq. ft.
2) The Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons Naples Arts Center Art After January 2018 negotiable 2000-4000 ft2
3) Our Lives in Data Science Museum Group Science & Technology Immediately $16,200 (depending on exchange rate) plus monthly display fee Flexible from 2500 sq. ft.
4) Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond Science Museum Group Science & Technology Immediately negotiable 5400 sq. ft. - flexible
5) Amazing Butterflies Minotaur Mazes Environment & Ecology Available Spring 2018; Touring through Fall 2022 3-Month = $45,000 (discounted to $30,000 for Spring 2018 only) 2500 to 6000 Square Feet
6) Castle Builder The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Children (for or about) Spring 2018 $40,000 plus inbound shipping 2,500 sq ft
7) Dora & Diego--Let's Explore! The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Children (for or about) Spring 2018 contact for pricing 3,000 sq ft
8) GOOSE BUMPS! The Science of Fear California Science Center Science & Technology Spring 2018 and beyond $80,000 for three months 5,000-6,000 Square Feet
9) Rock U: The Institute of Rock 'N' Roll Stage Nine Design Science & Technology 2018 and Beyond Discounted rate of $35,000 for 12 weeks 5,000 - 7,000 sq ft
10) Zoom Into Nano Sciencenter Science & Technology Spring 2018; Fall 2018; Spring 2019 and beyond $60,000 (25% discount for Spring 2018! - $45k + inbound shipping) 4,000-5,000 square feet
11) Attack of the Bloodsuckers! Sciencenter Environment & Ecology Spring 2018; Summer 2019 and beyond $20,000 (25% discount for Spring 2018! - $15k + inbound shipping) 2,000-2,500 square feet
12) Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice Minnesota Children's Museum Children (for or about) Fall 2017 $45,000 1,500-2,500 sq ft
13) Ice Age Imperials Antiquities Company, LLC Natural History November, 2017 $29,000 for 3 months (additional months negotiable) 2,000 to 3,000 square feet
14) Amazing Dinosaurs! Antiquities Company LLC Children (for or about) Call for availability $33,000 1,600 to 3,000 sq. ft.
15) Indian Country: The Art of David Bradley Guest Curator Traveling Exhibitions Art October - December 2017 $25,000 plus pro rated shipping 1200 sf
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