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Buffalo Museum of Science

Buffalo, New York

ILE worked closely with staff on assessment of existing programs, staffing, and facility uses. We also coordinated with Gyroscope on experience planning.

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

Burlington, Vermont

ILE worked with staff to assess the operations and facilities of ECHO. We developed a new master plan which has largely been implemented.

World War II Manhattan Project

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

ILE developed a strategic plan for the interpretation of the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge and its scientific and technological implications. We recommended preservation of part of the massive K-25 gaseous diffusion plant. We now are assisting the Atomic Heritage Foundation in development of a traveling exhibition about the Manhattan Project.

Historic Naples, Florida train station, now a museum

Naples, Florida

ILE consulted with the operators of this historic railroad station about further development of its interpretive program. It now is a part of the Collier Country Museum.

Mastodon skeleton at the Museum of the Earth

Ithaca, New York

ILE worked closely with staff to determine how to grow the Museum of the Earth, the public face of the Paleontological Research institution. It now is a flourishing paleontology museum.

Dinosaur exhibit at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

Drumheller, Alberta

ILE conducted (mid-winter) field examination of numerous fossil sites in Alberta in order to extend the programming of this museum to encompass more of the paleontology story of the province.

The Shanghai Natural History Museum

Shanghai, China

ILE is currently completing an assignment as a content advisor for the massive new natural history museum under construction. It is due to open in 2014.

Mac West at the elephant sanctuary

Pinnawala, Sri Lanka

Mac was appointed a Fulbright Specialist and worked with the Sri Lanka National Science Foundation in 2010 on preliminary planning for that nation’s first science center. Unfortunately the plan has yet to be implemented.


Thank you to everyone who attended the 2015 Traveling Exhibitions Forum in Montreal. We are already looking ahead to AAM 2016 in Washington DC in May and look forward to seeing everyone there. Details regarding the time and location of the Traveling Exhibitions Forum at AAM will be sent out via email and will be posted on the ILE website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed closer to the conference. Please note that going forward the Traveling Exhibitions Forum will not be an official conference event and will not be published in the official conference programs.

We would like to thank the generous sponsors who supported the Traveling Exhibitions Forum at ASTC 2015: Science North, Imagine Exhibitions, Minotaur Mazes, the Science Museum of Minnesota, SC Exhibitions, Dinosaurs Unearthed and the Museum of Science + Industry Chicago. The Forum would not be possible without the generosity of sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring a future forum, please email us at

To be added to the email list to receive information and updates about the Traveling Exhibitions Forum, or if you have any other questions about the Traveling Exhibitions Forum, please email us at or call (720) 612-7476.

We look forward to seeing you in Washington DC!

About Us.

Informal learning environments—including but not limited to museums, zoos, nature centers, cultural centers, and numerous out-of-school places—give people of all ages the opportunity to be engaged and inspired as they learn about a topic, particularly through their varied interactions with objects and people. Informal Learning Experiences, Inc. supports museums, government and cultural organizations, associations and societies, universities, foundations, and commercial exhibitions in the development of programs and exhibitions as well as effective management strategies that create opportunities for people to connect to their own lives in meaningful ways.

Our Services.

In addition to its broad and effective consulting services, ILE provides a comprehensive list of available traveling exhibitions in its Traveling Exhibitions Database (TED). We share ideas about the informal learning world through articles in the bi-monthly Informal Learning Review (ILR). Each year, we host the Traveling Exhibitions Forum, where we bring together traveling exhibition producers and leaders from potential venues at professional conferences like ASTC and AMM. ILE is a regular participant in and contributor to regional, national, and international meetings and conferences.

Who we are.

Robert "Mac" West, Principal

Mac West has been involved with informal education in a variety of museums and other attractions for more than thirty years. In addition to his extensive teaching experience in the Biology Department of Adelphi University (NY), and the Department of Geo... Read full bio »

Kim Tinnell, Consultant Associate

Kim graduated from the University of Florida in 2011 with her M.A. in Museum Studies with a focus on Art History and Collections Management. She completed internships in Registration at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art... Read full bio »

Emilie Khlap, Bookkeeper

Emilie Khlap joined ILE in September 2012. She has 7+ years experience in bookkeeping, payroll, and human resources. Emilie has worked in these fields for many different industries, both large and small businesses. Some examples are the International... Read full bio » Read full bio »


We work with established and emerging organizations of many sorts to help them ensure stability and sustainability, community relevance, and clear and contemporary messaging. 

Traveling Exhibitions Database
ILE's Traveling Exhibitions Database (TED) is a comprehensive, growing database of traveling exhibitions currently available or in development.

Informal Learning Review
The Informal Learning Review (ILR) is ILE's instrument for bringing research and understanding of the informal learning industry to the field in a broad fashion.

Traveling Exhibitions Forum
Each year, ILE hosts the Traveling Exhibitions Forum breakfast at the American Alliance of Museums and at the Association of Science Technology Centers.

Eleventh-Hour Listings
Last-minute availability listings from the Traveling Exhibitions Database. Available to the public.